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Did you know 99% of paint manufactures warranty Material only against a Manufactures Product defect?

Example: The determination is made that the peeling paint is a defective paint product; the issue is a failure of adhesion. Who is going to pay the cost in Labor to remove the paint? Who is going to pay the Labor to re- apply a non-defective product? This is a huge cost to the end user since Labor is the majority of any paint project. Can you imagine the outrageous cost it would be to strip paint off the walls?

In this situation the paint manufacturer is only liable for replacing the Paint Only.

You are stuck with all the liability.

The majority of paint manufactures DO NOT require the applicator to give a Labor and Material warranty for the proper Preparation and Painting procedures.

This is another huge liability. Same scenario you as the consumer will be stuck with outrageous costs to fix the defective Paint Application and or Preparation Procedures.

Insulpro Paints warranty: For manufactures product defects we give a full Labor and Material Warranty.

All of our licensed certified applicators are certified by Insulpro Paints. They are required to give a Labor and Material Warranty for proper preparation and painting procedures for the same duration as the paint warranty.

The warranty includes the signature of the certified applicator and Insulpro Paints in the same document.

Contact us to request a copy of our warranty.

Over 30 years of experience in the paint business, I have learned that paint reps are the most trained sales people of any industry.

For example: Ask a rep if they cover labor in their warranty for Product Defects? Usually the trained response is the painting contractor covers labor.

NO, we are talking about Manufacturers Defects not preparation and application defects, which pertains to the contractor.

Please consider your Liability. It can cost you tens of thousands of dollars if not more. Get the protection you deserve.