We created this page so you can understand the paint manufacturing industry.

Did you know?
99.9% of paint manufactures do not include labor in their warranty?
Labor is the biggest cost on any home improvement project.
So, if they produce a defective paint they will Only supply you with the paint.
They leave you with the majority of the liability.
Just imagine if you bought a new car and power train warranty.
The engine is defective, do you think the manufacture will drop the engine off in your front yard? Expecting you to install it?

Of course not, they include labor materials for their warranty, and most manufacturer’s do.

But not the paint manufacturing industry.

Here is the solution
All Insul-Shield products are warrantied materials for labor.

Did you know?
Fading of paint colors and poor curb appeal is the number one reason consumers will repaint their homes.
99.9% of paint manufactures do not include fading of colors in their warranty.
Why? Short re-paint cycles is their business model.
The quicker you have to paint your home, the more profit they make.

Here is the solution
When using our IR Energy-Tech products Insul-Shield will provide a fade warranty.

Please let us know if you have any questions.